About St. Andrew’s School Project For The Young


It is registered in Ibanda District (Ibanda Town Council) as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) Number 529.


This school intends to run for many years and if possible to be present even in a hundred years to come , we would love this institute to remain benefiting the people of Ibanda even after we are no longer in this world.


This project aims at helping the children in the area (Ibanda) to acquire quality education because most parents cannot afford to pay school fees even when their children are longing for education. Some children are orphans due to HIV/AIDs scourge. The distance from one to school to another is long, walking in the morning and evening is very tiresome. These are children in rural areas of Southwestern Uganda who live in abject poverty.


This project intends to help orphans, learners from poor backgrounds, and intelligent children access quality education which can help them survive in the poverty stricken district of Ibanda. The school plans to accommodate over 400 children in the next two-three years and possibly expand in future (Africans have many children). The school will be gender sensitive and it will accommodate everyone without religious, tribal, political, racial or any other kind of segregation. I hope this institute will help to modernize the area through promoting literacy. The prospective funders can keep monitoring the progress of this project and can visit the site/school as often as possible. Their constant visitations can help in suggesting new innovations to the school. If there is a need, a memorandum of understanding will be written as soon as the funders are got. We are very optimistic that things will work out with your support and trust in us. Feel free to visit the planned site here in Uganda as reality is usually known by experience or contact us for further details.

Our organisation is in close collaboration with Schools for Uganda a Germany NGO aimed at strengthening Education in rural areas of Ibanda.


School’s History and structure

This is a new venture that should have started by the end of 2022

School’s mission

The school has a mission of helping and facilitating children whose parents may not manage the school fees in public (first-class) schools to acquire quality education that can help them have a good foundation for future studies. The school will also act as a model school in the area since most schools around are at a very low standard. The school aims at providing scholarships to needy and orphans to see them live a descent life (with the help of donors).


The school’s vision is “To provide a good foundation for a needy child.”

Background and analysis of the problem.

We would like to start this school because the children of the area are not getting quality education in comparison to their counterparts in urban places. With your support we hope our children in this school get good education too. Beginning a school would help children to get good education, employment for some native teachers instead o going to towns where the cost of living is higher, employment for of other people as cooks, cleaners etc., and also the community around to learn from the school. Since we plan that the school becomes a model in the area, some parents who are hesitant to send their children to school due to poverty or ignorance (that girls are for marriage) can learn for example by seeing female children and teachers at school. We are very optimistic that with your support this goal will be achieved. We hope with the help of sponsors like you we shall be able to establish the school in a spacious place with all the facilities required because the good thing, children are readily available and willing to attend the school. I therefore request you to cooperate and make the dreams of these children come true.


Proposed goal

The main goal of the school is to provide quality, affordable and sustainable education for the children of the poverty stricken Ibanda district and Uganda in general. We hope to help the orphans and needy students and children with disabilities to realize their dreams by going to school.


  • To build a legendary primary school in Uganda and the whole of East Africa.
  • To transform the lives of young talented youth of the area through education.
  • To build a good standard school that can last for centuries.
  • To create a centre for international and national languages so that our learners can network with their age mates in non-English speaking countries.
  • Helping the children to get education as way of reducing ignorance and poverty in the area.

Target population and implementation plan

The main target population is the local indigenous children, but as time goes we plan to make the school international, i.e. our performance will attract children from neighboring countries of Rwanda, Kenya, Congo and Tanzania among others. Below is the estimated budget for the school we are planning to build.