We are St. Andrew’s School Project for The Young

Registered in Ibanda District (Ibanda Town Council), Uganda as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) Number 529.


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  • 8687

    Can Unlock Our Dream

    Our assumption is that if 8687 people can donate 25+ Euros, the project would successfully be accomplished in shortest possible time. Donate here

  • 55000

    Euros Needed to Make a Difference

    Truly, money is a scarce and a rare commodity everywhere but by sacrificing a bottle of beer you would be contributing a lot to the welfare of African child.

  • 400

    Children to be helped

    We to accommodate over 400 children in the next 2-3 years and expand in future. The school will be gender sensitive and it will accommodate everyone regardless of religion, tribe, race.

  • 2022

    Year of Change

    St. Andrew’s School Project For The Young is a life changing project for the people of Ibanda and Africa that should be started by the end of 2016.